Wednesday, 1 July 2015

WarThunder - Battle Log is Useless

So, another stealth change, brought in by Gaijin has been a separate tab on your results screen, to let you see your battle actions... Now, I assume this is used to determine how "Active" you have been.  A statistic I've long had issues with, as flying present 100% in the cockpit I've had very low % activity rates, especially in bombers where you're doing your job flying to a target but only get 3% activity ratings.

Anyway, have a look at my results...

Seven ground kills and an air kill assist... I was flying out an Italian 3 engined bomber to get it spaded... You know, a ground strike mission, and I have the most ground strike kills on my team, but I'm still only mid table... GG on that one... But then look at my battle log...

Reading that you'd think I've only killed four ground targets... Three target kills are missed, as is the air assist kill!... Totally rubbish, the first rule of data presentation is to present the correct data, and this is just wrong.

World of Warships

How absolutely symbolic of the shambolic lack of clarity from WarGaming... World of Warships is released to the public... You can download and play the game now... 

And it's an excellent game, one I've been waiting for for months... However, they announce this and that as public, then when you check it's not and then finally when you do find the public release it's already gone midnight and one has work in the morning... GOD DAMN IT!

But this game is really good...

I've played just two games and it's really nice, I guess later it will be a huge grind but I took my USS Erie level 1 US Cruiser out for two spins and it's been brilliant... I will have a play about with this first ship before I rush up the tech tree, I'm in no hurry... But so far this is a WarGaming title I think I'm going to really enjoy.

There's my first battle results, a victory, and I sort of knew what I was doing; having watched so much youTube footage from the likes of Jingles.  But I kept my head down, no torpedo's in the game, and I got hits learning the controls.

From this one game I got enough XP to unlock the heavier guns for the ship, they fired slower, so I'm going to go back and experiment with the two types, but with the heavier guns I immediately did more damage and sank two ships... in just my second game... I don't see many YouTubers nailing two ships like that often.

So, yeah, new game for me to enjoy...

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

WarThunder : BF109 - Stealth Damage Model Change

I would swear that there has been a stealth change to the damage model of the BF109... And a change at the fundamental level, take a look at these three screenshots....

They are three different fly outs...

Do you notice the common element?... yes, a wing tip missing, the spar exposed - but still present?.... and the aircraft can still be flown and controlled, but you are counted as shot down!... In the lower screen shot I actually held that E4 straight and level for five minutes and nearly managed to hold it til the end of the game!

But, this damage seems to come out of nowhere, and always against low-calibre fire!  It's almost like Gaijin have decided "Take a low cal hit in that box, and your wing tip falls off"...

There's no pattern to it, no reason, I've has it from behind, from head-on, from oblique angles, even from passing bombers!... BOOM no wing tip... 

And it's such a sudden change in and stark alteration of the damage model...

Monday, 29 June 2015

Matthew James : George Cross?

In the aftermath of the despicable attack on holiday makers in Tunisia last Friday, here in the UK we are of course looking at both the serious implications of the attack; asking when and where one might be safe to let ones guard down; but we're also looking, desperately for a good news story out of the tragic events.

It's all part of the British Stiff Upper Lip, I believe, we're told the British Death toll is to rise above 30, and all we can do is hold those families in our minds eye and wish them as well as we can.

However, the stiff Upper lip, and saving grace story, seems to be that of Mr Matthew James, a seemingly ordinary 30 year old father on holiday with his fiancée and in the midst of the attack he used his own body as a human shield.

One can only suppose his girlfriend's blond hair would have attracted attention of the gun man, and this man stepped in and took those shots for her before allowing her to escape.

Reportedly today, safe and stable in a Cardiff hospital one has to ask should he receive an honour?

The George Cross perhaps "For acts of Heroism and courage in extreme danger"?...

Monday, 22 June 2015

Gaming Update

Well, aside from blogging about shoes, I have actually been gaming this weekend... And I've been improving the man lab a little.

I've still not had the chance to clear the corner and drill the holes to wire ethernet directly to the router downstairs... However, I have had the drill out and fitted new black-out blinds to the window.  This made the room a lot darker for game play, and allowed more uniform lighting for when I plan to stream.

Gaming wise, the weekend started with board games, a little D&D, then some Pathfinder and finally Scrabble... Yes, physical gaming at it's best.

H1Z1 also featured a lot, the wife and I enjoying hardcore Battle Royale mode, and achieving a 3rd place finish on just our second game.

WarGame Air Land & Sea was also played, I finally went into skirmish  mode against the AI, and first was defeated squarely but then pulled a draw.  My major losses were a squad of Royal Marines whom I'd moved up in their lynx helo carrier, who were overrun with a pact flame tank when the lynx 20mm rockets ran out, and I had no support near.

However, I held my flanks successfully and I am getting the balance of supply.

WarThunder also featured, I spent several hours playing about and working with the settings of both my X55 Rhino and Track IR, to better fly simulator battles.  Initially all controls were being set and checked in the P38 due to it's balanced torque and ease of take off.  I worked on the aiming and gunnery settings, the sensitivity and profiles of the joystick and the Track IR.

There's still work to do there, the Track IR for example is very twitchy, so I've got the sensitivity too high somewhere, but I did notice the Track IR was just generally playing me up, it maybe it's age... Gimball lock was common when glancing down, despite it not being set possible on the profile I had loaded.

---- And in news from the blog ---

This is my 800th Post... Huzzah!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hotter Shoes

This is an unusual topic for me to cover, we're talking about Hotter brand shoes, for those of you not aware Hotters are a brand of shoes which are loved and raved about by ladies of a certain age, they make their husbands wear them and generally they buy dozens of pairs.

However, Hotter are getting a bit too big for their boots, no pun intended there, years ago they were a catalogue only brand, and returning things to them was a breeze and they did everything they could to help.

Unfortunately that level of customer service  has fallen away, firstly my wife had nothing but trouble with them, shoes rubbing, not being right and even their special wide fitting not working, we ended up in shop after shop and then just gave up.

My mother-in-law however has persisted, and recently bought three pairs... not one, and not cheap... three pairs... One of which had a distinctive bow motif on it.

One of the bows however, after one wear, just looked terrible, it looked mottled and out of shape, so she got hold of the customer services and said she was happy with the wear in of the shoe, but would like to order a new box.. Not just get, not just freely receive, she liked these shoes and the brand so much she was willing to fix the shoe herself.

Their response... "No"... and later... "They [the bows] only come in pairs" and they asked some extortionate price for this bow.

The mother-in-law is utterly and totally dejected by this, she's asked me to come here to my blog and air her frustrations and to basically say, the Hotter brand is fast falling out of her, and I guess all her circle's favour.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Gaming General Update

So what have I been up to this weekend?... Well, on Saturday I spent the day at the Bloomfield campus of Derby College.... A lovely place, but sadly lacking in sign age so myself and the little one I had taken with me god soaked..

Little one?... little one?... But you don't have kids Xel!...

That's right, I don't, instead I took the dog, I took Sid actually and we went on a poodle clipping course... And since then have spent nearly £75 on equipment to start to clip the dogs myself, this is a stop gap measure between trims by our actual dog trimmer, but comes off of the back of having to try to fit dogs needing clips in to gaps in our schedule, our current clipper (an artisan expert) just hasn't the flexible schedule for us to chop and change... So I'm going to learn and fit interim trims in.  Don't worry, she knows all about this, she sold me the powered clipper unit we're going to use :)

In gaming news, I spent £9.99 on the Steam summer sale for the Wargame Air & Land series, including all the DLC packs.  I'd been looking at that game for a while after watching VulcanHDGaming playing it:

So I'm going to be playing that tonight.

I'm also playing H1Z1 Battle Royale with the wife... She's obsessed with that game, still only got second place as our best result... but she loves getting single blast shotgun kills, and yells and screams, and describes it as "arse itching time", when the tension is high.

I've also been enjoying dropping bombs on people in combined arms realistic tank battles in WarThunder.... My current favourite mode to play.

In the vanilla Wow Stuff I'm now level 40 on one of the characters, so ready to purchase the old first mount, when the wife picks a colour I think...